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David Dunleavy - Fishing and Diving Apparel

Dunleavy watersports apparel is extremely popular and always expanding with its new amazing realistic and detailed colorful SeaLife designs, created for all of us who love to fish, dive, go boating, and love the ocean!

Dunleavy’s passion from an early age has always been the ocean. As you can see, he’s exactly like you! David’s been fishing, boating, exploring and creating SeaLife Art since the age of five. Always inspired by the ocean, Dunleavy SeaLife T-shirts designs are created for all of us fisherman, captains, boaters, scuba divers, snorkelers, dive-masters, spear-fisherman, and ocean lovers.

If you are fishing, boating, diving, surfing or spending time with family or friends by the ocean, lake or waterways we invite you to “Live the Life” and explore our ocean planet with Dunleavy SeaLife t-shirts.